Rabu, 2 Mac 2011


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  1. This time i got very excited because i have friends/guest from France.they are lulu,clelia and the small girl is Nais. Im was very happy With them..not only share the best time with them but also sharing a lot of knowledge and to know there country. more then that, they also teach me how to speak in France language also i teach them how to speak malay. for the morning(26/02/2011)i pick up them form the city(Wisma Sabah). frist activity this morning is going to rafting at Pukak,Tamparuli.All of our journey is clear and no have problems.They are very excited and satisfied with this rafting also with a very nice guide (me and pijul).. they said,they want going again here and want to try the next grate is actually the rafting at padas (PADAS WHITE WATER RAFTING) at beufort..
    AT afternoon,after we taken lunch,we continue our trip to MARI-MARI CULTURE VILLAGE....